Kim Kardashian’s Baby Overshadowing Jessica Simpson’s Baby

There are tons of celebrities giving birth recently, but there are only a few that actually get high offers for their baby photos. These days it seems that Kim Kardashian’s Baby Overshadowing Jessica Simpson’s Baby since Simpson’s new baby isn’t getting any kinds of tabloids attention. All of the tabloids seem to be still after Kardashian’s little girl. There hasn’t been much interest on Simpson and that seems to be bothering her. Sources have revealed that the tabloids only interest right now is baby North West. That of course might all change as soon as Kate Middleton’s baby come into this Earth.

Several tabloid editors have spoken up about their lack of interest in Simpson’s baby since the first time she gave birth and sold her baby’s pictures that the magazines didn’t sell very well. One editor voiced, “There is nowhere near the interest in Ace as in North. When Jessica sold the first pictures of her daughter to People magazine, the issue did not sell very well. We have all seen the newsstands’ numbers and feel the same will be true for her son.”

Another editor stated, “It is all about Kim Kardashian. Jessica hasn’t sold weekly magazines in a long time. That is not to say that a weekly wouldn’t love to have the first images of Jessica and her baby boy, just they are not prepared to offer a lot of money to get them.”

I am sure there are lots of fans of Simpson that would enjoy seeing photos of her new little one. It just seems that there isn’t enough of those fans that the tabloids can count on to make their money back plus some more. Simpson is just going to have to show off her baby’s picture via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. She is definitely not getting paid again this time around.

Reports have been released stating that Kardashian and West have been offered as low as $3 million and as high as $5 million for their baby girl’s photos. The couple has denied every single offer that has come their way.

Are you looking for some dating and relationship advice? If so, take a look at the 5 Types Of Women Not To Date right now.

5 Types Of Women Not To Date

When it comes to dating it can get a bit rough at times. It’s all about finding someone that you can connect with on all sorts of different levels. If you are dating women who are simply annoying or odd in some way, then you need to evaluate the types of women that you are allowing in your life. There are definitely some personalities that you should stay away from when it comes to dating women. Here are the 5 Types Of Women Not To Date:

1. The Overly Opinionate Woman: This is the type of woman that it doesn’t matter what you do for her it is simply not good enough. She will find something to say about what you’ve done in a negative way. She will turn the simplest comment into an insult and she will fight with you on a daily basis. She is going to make your life a living hell and you will never be happy if you stay with this type of woman.

2. The Talkative Woman: This is a type of woman who never just sits back and relaxes. She will continuously take about anything and everything. This woman only cares about herself and what is going on with her. She doesn’t even take a break about talking about herself to see what you are interested in and simply get to know you.

3. The High Maintenance Woman: This is the type of woman you want to avoid for sure. She believes that she is a Queen and deserves for everyone to do whatever she asks of. This woman will make sure that you know that her needs come before yours. So, if she needs her hair done right at that second she will make sure that you know and that you drop everything to take her to the hair salon right at that moment.

4. The Baby Mama Woman: This is the type of woman that has supposedly fallen in love with several different men, had unprotected sex and now has several children with different men. I am not saying that you shouldn’t go out with a woman who has kids, but make sure she was in a seriously relationship with that man beforehand. You don’t want a woman who just wants to find a good man to take care of her kids.

5. The Club Woman: This is the type of woman who feels that she needs to go out clubbing all the time. She practically lives in the bars and clubs since she was 21 years old. She loves to wear tight clothing that shows off her female body parts. Even if she is in a relationship, she would still wear those types of clothing. She is carefree and wild, but definitely not in a good way. She might be out there showing off her goods to whatever guy that gives her attention.

Now that you know what types of women not to go after; it’s important that you stay far away from them. You need to find yourself a woman that is good and knows what it is like to be in a serious relationship.

If you are looking for a bit of celebrity news, then you should check out Sarah Jessica Parker Announces The SJP Collection Of Shoes & Handbags.

Sarah Jessica Parker Announces The SJP Collection Of Shoes & Handbags

Do you remember that very fashionable and shoe loving character named Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City? Well, Sarah Jessica Parker announces The SJP Collection of shoes and handbags recently. This is great because the actress learned so much about shoes and designers while working on the HBO series. Parker shared, “Because I got to play that role, I wore a lot of shoes and by default I learned an enormous amount. It’s hard to walk away from that.”

Parker is partnering up with Manolo Blahnik CEO George Malkemus to create and develop her own shoe and hangbag lined called The SJP Collection. The actress told Vogue, “In a silly way, I think it’s what people have expected of me most because of Carrie Bradshaw. It’s sort of soup to nuts. You put on a shoe and you put on a coat and you wear a bag and, on the outside, when you’re walking down the street, they really can tell the same story about yourself.”

This collection will be designed with a completely different creativity wave than other current designers in the industry today. Parker revealed, “We’re putting new colors together that people don’t typically do, just beautiful combinations that you wish existed in your closet. And in terms of bags, thinking about that period of the seventies into the eighties, what those women were carrying, taking away the bells and the whistles and hardware and really making it about the bag.”

There will be several different styles of heels that will be featured in the collection such as pointy-toed and single-soled pumps. Production for the collection will take place in New York City as well as in Europe. The prices for shoes are from $200-$300 and for the hangbags they will be priced no more than $700.

Everyone is very excited about this collection and it will surely be a huge success unlike her other fashion ventures. At one point Parker was the president of the Halston Heritage line as well as she developed a budge clothing line called Bitten. Many might not have heard of these companies, because they didn’t last long.

If you are looking for more celebrity gossip, then check out how Kristen Stewart Cheating On Robert Pattinson Again.

Kristen Stewart Cheating On Robert Pattinson Again

It seems that some people haven’t learned their lesson the first time around. Orange Juiceors are that Kristen Stewart has cheated on Robert Pattinson again with no other than Rupert Sanders. A source has revealed that Stewart still receives text messages from Sanders and on Pattinson’s birthday he was going through Stewart’s phone and a message from Sanders pops up. He was pissed off and simply got up and left. A day or so later, Pattinson was seen at the home he shares with Stewart picking his stuff up in a red pickup truck.

A source reveals, “Rob was looking at her phone on the morning of his birthday as he wanted to take a picture of something when she was in the shower. Suddenly this message flashes up and it’s not what he wanted to see. He got straight up and left. Despite Kristen’s pleas, he told her not to come to his birthday party at a friend’s that night.”

This is the thing, Stewart could be completely innocent. Maybe she hasn’t texted Sanders back and he keeps texting and bothering her. Honestly, if that was the case she should have been honest with Pattinson and she should have changed her number.

The source continues, “He’s extremely angry and upset. No matter how many times she calls or texts, friends say he’s had enough. After everything that happened and the hurt she caused, he’s furious she’d be back in touch with him, even if she is saying it’s completely innocent.”

Another insider revealed, “I don’t think Kristen took Rob seriously when he threatened to move out, but apparently he wasn’t kidding. Rob has not moved out of Kristen’s house 100%. He still has some stuff there. They pretty much haven’t seen each other since Saturday.”

At this point, no one really knows what is going on but those who are completely involved. Lets hope that these two can patch things up.

Check out the 4 Ways To Tell If You Are Dating A High Maintenance Woman for relationship and dating advice.

4 Ways To Tell If You Are Dating A High Maintenance Woman

You may have noticed that a high maintenance woman, by definition, needs many things. Their “needs” would more than likely be seen as luxurious wants in the eyes of another. You need to know the signs of a high maintenance woman if you are going to out on the hunt for the right woman for you. Keep your eyes open for the following traits that most high maintenance woman portray and you should be able to stay away from these women. Here are the 4 Ways To Tell If You Are Dating A High Maintenance Woman:

1. Is she the Princess?

Most high maintenance woman see themselves as the princess. They truly believe they deserve only the best in life without having to lift a finger to get it. They see themselves better than anyone else, including you, and will look down on just about anyone out there. This is a sure sign to look for.

2. Does she have an immaculate appearance?

If you have noticed that the woman you’ve had your eye on just looks way too perfect all the time, then that should send up a red flag. High maintenance women tend to make sure they look amazing at all hours of the day. This comes at great expense though in a sense of both time consumed to get this look and money spent to achieve it as well. These women will go to any extent to keep their looks up to their standards at whatever expense.

3. Do you need to give her constant attention?

A high maintenance woman will normally also need to have constant attention from you and others. She requires a high level of reassurance of your looks as well. You will notice that her top priority is the way she looks and that you are assuring her of this and giving her the attention she requires to keep up her lifestyle.

4. Material items are of high importance.

When you run into a high maintenance woman you will notice right off the bat that material objects are of high importance to them in their lifestyle. They don’t want gifts with meaning or sentimental value; instead they want gifts with high value. These women need to be bathed in only the best things from hotels, clothing and vacations. Their focus will be towards a luxurious lifestyle and they won’t accept anything less.

Keeping your eyes open for these traits will help you in avoiding these types of women. Remember, there is a difference between a woman who takes care of herself and a high maintenance woman. With these signs you should hopefully be able to spot the difference. Take a look at the 5 Ways To Make Your Woman Smile for more dating and relationship advice.

5 Ways To Make Your Woman Smile

Getting your girl to smile shouldn’t be too hard of a task. This should be as simple doing little things to show your love and appreciation or through thoughtful spoken words. If you want to keep the love and laughter going, just get her to smile. Here are the 5 Ways To Make Your Woman Smile:

1. Flowers are always a nice gesture.

If there is one thing women love getting, it’s flowers. A great way to bring a smile to that special someone’s face is to send her some flowers at work, where she least expects it. Also, don’t wait for a special occasion, just do it out of the blue.

2. Mark your calendar.

An easy way to make her smile is by remembering important dates. Birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones are a big deal to women and the fact that you remember them will definitely make her smile.

3. Be imaginative and flirtatious.

When you know she is having a rough day at work, a great way to break the tension and get a smile out of her is to send her a playful or sexual text message. This is one of the little things that really count.

4. Show some appreciation.

Women go out of their way to make sure they look good for a night out. You should take the opportunity when these moments arise and compliment her on her looks or maybe something new and different that she has done with her style.

5. Make her laugh.

Laughter can go a long way and is useful for many things. Not only is a good sense of humor one of the best ways to turn her on, but it also tops a woman’s attraction wish list. She will fall for your charm easier if you can get her to laugh along with you as well.

Following these easy steps should help in getting her to crack a smile and get you both on your way to a happy life. Make sure you read about how Julianne Hough Is In Love With Tom Cruise for some celebrity gossip.

Why Should Ladies To Ask Out Males

There’s not a thing wrong with a girl approaching a gentlemen. Numerous of guys who literally who feel that this is very enticing when a girl that has a lot of confidence approaches them. Take a look at the Why Should Females To Ask Out Dudes:

1. He has no flirting skills: There’s a possibility that he doesn’t have the boldness to flirt, but does have the ability to sustain a relationship. That is totally a good trait that you want to search for in a male.

2. He is shy: Lots of males are stuck with the impression that an extremely foxy lady won’t desire to hang out with them. Ladies give this type of male a seductive grin to show him he can talk to you.

3. Bad luck with past girlfriends: Maybe he hasn’t asked you out because he’s too scared of being hurt again due to a past bad relationship issue. Chicks give this type of dude a opportunity to get to know you somewhat.

If you are anxious to go on dates with gentlemen that you are going to enjoy getting to know. Keep in mind not to be shy in making the first move. Begin your internet dating experience this morning.